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Press Release Date: June 10, 2022

Season two of the Obey Me! anime, which is based on the hit game with over seven million downloads, will be releasing in July!
We are also excited to release the key art ahead of its release!

 “Obey Me!” — a mobile game by NTT Solmare Corporation (Headquarters: Chuo Ward, Osaka, Japan; President: Toshiaki Asahi, hereafter referred to as “NTT Solmare,”) that was released overseas in 2019 and in Japan in 2020 and has gained a massive following will be releasing season two of “Obey Me! The Anime” this July following its release of season one in 2021.from

“So addictive!” “Obey Me! The Anime” has taken social media by storm! The seven demon brothers will be back and better than ever!

 “Obey Me! The Anime” garnered more than three million views on its first three episodes when they debuted on YouTube in 2021. Returning for a second season this year, “Obey Me! The Anime” is bringing back the brothers cooler, funnier, and more powerful than ever!

In March, during “Obey Me! Meet and Greet Spring 2022,” a live worldwide stream on the Obey Me! YouTube channel where the actors touched on various things, the new season was announced and key art was released to much praise ahead of season two. This time, however, NTT Solmare will be releasing the key art in its entirety.

Archive of the live worldwide stream, “Obey Me! Meet and Greet Spring 2022”

The ending theme will once again be done by the Obey Me! Boys!

The cool ending theme song and animation that displayed the lively antics of the demon brothers’ life was hugely popular in season one of the anime. Season two will once again see the Obey Me! Boys work on the ending theme song together!

Cast comments

NTT Solmare is proud to reveal comments from the cast as they reflect on the upcoming season two.

Lucifer: Kazuya Yamashita

 It’s thanks to all you fans out there that we are able to make a season two! I can’t thank you enough for supporting me and allowing me to grow and flourish with Obey Me! The characters you know and love from season one will be back and better in season two! From serious Lucifer, to angry Lucifer, to playful Lucifer, I hope you will enjoy the many sides of not only Lucifer but of the whole cast.

Mammon: Hirotaka Kobayashi

 Congratulations on the announcement of Obey Me! season two! I was thrilled to hear the announcement. We shined a light on the brothers’ daily lives during season one, but I am definitely interested to see how the story will proceed in this new season and what part Mammon will play! I will do my best to bring out what you know and love about Mammon during recording, so I hope I can count on your continued support!

Leviathan: Satoshi Kada

 Congratulations and thank you for the announcement of season two! I’m excited to see what hijinks Levi and the other brothers will get up to in the anime! I get the feeling things are going to be even livelier than last time, so I’m even more excited! We’ve definitely come a long way, haven’t we? And I know we don’t plan on stopping any time soon! I’ll be going on Otaku FM too, so I hope I can count on your support! Thanks!

Satan: Shinya Sumi

 Congratulations on the announcement of Obey Me! season two. We’ve only recorded with the seven brothers up until now, but I’m thrilled and can’t wait to see the side characters start participating as well! This is the first time I have played a character for so long, so I will be sure to come back to season two better than ever and make it one everyone won’t forget! I hope to see you there! Bye!

Asmodeus: Miura Ayme

 Congratulations on the second season! I can’t wait to see the brothers in action again! I wonder if they’ll finally have an episode where good-looking delinquents go all out and punch each other in a fight-filled with youth and emotion? I’m off now to get into character by stealing a motorcycle and riding it to a school at night to break a window! Ah, I fear my joke might not make sense to young people today. I’ll just have to go back in time to make things right! Now that I think about it, a time-traveling episode might not be too bad either...

Beelzebub: Kyohei Yaguchi

 From studying, going to the beach, playing games, walking the dog, eating ice cream, and going to the hot springs, Beel and Belphie really played a big part in season one, didn’t they? RIGHT? I had a wonderful time learning about Beel and was also a bit surprised by some unexpected aspects of him. That goes for the other characters too. I wonder what other sides of Beel and the brothers we will see in season two? I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to find out!

Belphegor: Satoshi Onishi

 Thank you all for your constant support of Obey Me! Thanks to all of you, we are able to welcome a second season together. I will do my best in recording to make sure this is a great season, so I hope you will look forward to it!

Diavolo: Takuhei Yamamoto

 Season one brought the game and the demon brothers to life in a bright and lively manner. I am thrilled and honored to be able to participate in the anime. But things definitely won’t be peaceful and harmonious. That’s because my true value lies in chaos and destruction. I will breathe in a huge gush of air and raise a storm to throw at the undone seams of the world. Yes, the power of destruction and chance lie within Diavolo!

Barbatos: Masayuki Harada

 I couldn’t wait to meet Barbatos when I heard Obey Me! would be getting an anime. Since Barbatos is a butler and serves Lord Diavolo, he does his best to remove any emotions or sense of self he has. While that is one appealing aspect of him, we were also treated to other, surprising aspects of the brothers in season one too. That’s why I am excited to get to know Barbatos even more in this new season. I will do my best to portray those new and exciting sides of him to all you RAD students out there!

Luke: Okaki

 Hurray for season two! We’ll finally be seeing some characters we didn’t see in season one (we will, right?!), so I’m excited to see the Obey Me! world really open up. I can really tell how much the fans love Obey Me!, so I will do my best to make my character in season two one that will make an already great anime even greater. I can’t wait to see an animated Luke! (He WILL be making an appearance right?! :p)

Simeon: Yu Hirata

 Obey Me! season two is finally almost here! I can’t wait to see how an animated Simeon interacts with Luke, Solomon, and the demons. I’ll do my best to bring out the aspects everyone knows and loves about Simeon and not lose to his liveliness myself! With even more characters, season two is going to be one to remember! I hope you’ll look forward to it!

Solomon: Kazuki Kawata

 Hurray! Thanks to all you fans out there, Obey Me! is getting a season two! I always say a good product has good fans, and Obey Me! has some of the most passionate and kind fans I have ever seen. As a fellow lover of manga and games, I am extremely grateful and happy to be able to participate in such an amazing project. Will Solomon, who finally sang a character song, have an appearance in the anime at last?! I hope I can count on your continued support and love! Thank you!

Colored Pencil Animation Japan is still in the animation seat

 Colored Pencil Animation Japan (, who created the original world in season one, will be in charge of animation in season two as well.

The official podcast “Otaku FM Anime and Chill Season 2” will be returning!

 The podcast that was broadcasted at the same time season one was released will be making a grand return. Don’t miss all the funny and relaxing moments with our talented cast as they talk about various topics. We plan on airing the podcast in the game, as well as on our official YouTube channel. The side characters will also be making an appearance on the program for season two, so please look forward to it.

Official website and social media platforms

 Please refer to the following social media links for details on schedules or broadcasts.

The “Obey Me!” official website

The “Obey Me!” official Instagram page

The “Obey Me!” official Twitter page

Official “Obey Me! YouTube channel

About the Obey Me! Project

 The Obey Me! Project is the worldwide project that creates and expands on the world set forth by NTT Solmare’s “Obey Me.” Sotsu Co. Ltd. is in charge of project promotion and both Sotsu Co. Ltd and Toei Advertising Ltd. work together for commercialization. Finally, Bouncy Co. Ltd. is in charge of producing secondary content and also planning and promoting new content including videos outside the game.

About NTT Solmare Co., Ltd.( )
 NTT Solmare aims to enrich people’s lives by providing entertainment services such as “Comic C’moA,” one of Japan’s largest e-book services, original comics through the Solmare editorial department, “Obey Me!,” a game where you make handsome demons do your bidding, and “Boikone,” an interactive audio-sharing service useful for all your otaku needs.

About Sotsu Co. Ltd.( )
 Founded in 1965, Sotsu has adopted the phrase “dreams and excitement” as its corporate vision and has been making new entertainment content such as anime and video games ever since. Best known for their work on Mobile Suit Gundam, they have kept their same business model and have been producing new products through their copyright division for over 50 years.

About Toei Advertising, Ltd.( )
 The advertising agency of Japan’s biggest content manufacturer, Toei Company Ltd. Founded in 1957 and best known for their work on Super Sentai, they have worked on program planning, video creation, movie advertisement, sales promotion, and character copyright for numerous projects.

About Bouncy Co. Ltd.( )
 A creative company that aspires to create bounce in the hearts of everyone, Bouncy creates entertainment content centered mostly around anime.



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