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Press Release Date: October 12, 2023

The Hit Mobile Otome Game Available in 186 Countries Obey Me! Nightbringer Celebrates Its Six-Month Anniversary with Seven Unique Events

A hit with fans across the globe, NTT Solmare's latest mobile game that released in April 2023, Obey Me! Nightbringer, is celebrating its six-month anniversary this October.
To commemorate the occasion, we are pleased to announce the full lineup of celebratory events.

The Main Event —Happy Devil Day .5 2023

Happy Devil Day .5 2023 is the title of the celebratory anniversary event.

The event will be comprised of seven smaller events:

  • 1. Happy Devil Day .5 2023 Login Bonus
  • 2. Devildom Exchange Release Login Bonus
  • 3. Nightmare: A Relaxing Time for Two Vol. 1 & 2
  • 4. Pop Quiz: Trick or Treat! Ch. 1 & 2, Ch. 3 & 4
  • 5. Pint-Sized Challenge: Happy Devil Day .5 Event Mission
  • 6. Charge Mission
  • 7. Happy Devil Day .5 2023 Sale Part 1 & 2

In addition to these, we will also be holding various other events and sales during Happy Devil Day .5 2023.
Do not miss Obey Me! Nightbringer’s first-ever anniversary event. We’ll see you in the Devildom.

1. Happy Devil Day .5 2023 Login Bonus — Details

This login bonus awards users with various items every day for simply logging in.
However, this event’s login bonus is somewhat different. Those who log in on 10 days will receive an exclusive UR Memory Card.
Log in on all 10 days and become a regular at the boys’ Monster Café.

Login Bonus Period: 12 October — 2 November 2023 (PDT)

2. Devildom Exchange Release Login Bonus — Details

During HDD .5 2023, a special Devildom Exchange will be introduced that lets users exchange tickets for various items and even cards.
To celebrate the release of the exchange, we will be holding a login bonus that includes exclusive Happy Devil Day .5 2023 exchange tickets.
Users who collect the tickets through the login bonus will be able to exchange them for a UR Demon Card of their choice from Nightmare Chapter A in the Devildom Exchange.
Log in every day to not miss this chance at the exclusive exchange tickets.

Login Bonus Period: 22 October — 2 November 2023 (PDT)

3. Nightmare: A Relaxing Time for Two Vol. 1 & 2 — Details

During HDD .5 2023, we will be holding a two-part Nightmare event, A Relaxing Time for Two Vol. 1 & 2.
A slew of exclusive cards awaits in this event that also features the first summon for free. The event’s UR+ Cards feature not only Wanderers’ Whereabouts situations and video calls but also Spooky outfits for Majolish and battle, and for the first time ever, WW outfits, Pajamas!
Furthermore, every day during the event will feature a once-a-day half-off deal on Devil Points for Summon x10. Plus, with the Present Stamp Card, users can get UR+ Demon Vouchers and other fabulous prizes.
Enjoy some alone time with your other half in this special half-anniversary event!

Event Period: 12 October — 2 November 2023 (PDT)

Event Period: 23 October — 2 November 2023 (PDT)

4. Pop Quiz: Trick or Treat! Ch. 1 & 2, Ch. 3 & 4 — Details

Collect this Pop Quiz’s exclusive event item, Monster Parfait, to receive fabulous rewards in Celestial Blessing.
Inside the boxes, users will find all-new WW outfits and outfits for Majolish and battle in addition to so much more.
Furthermore, this event will feature the all-new song by the brothers titled Spooky Night Parade.
Enjoy Happy Devil Day to its fullest and collect all of the incredible rewards.

Ch. 1 & 2 Event Period: 13 October — 1 November 2023 (PDT)

Ch. 3 & 4 Event Period: 23 October — 1 November 2023 (PDT)

5. Luke’s Pint-Sized Challenge: Happy Devil Day .5 Event Mission — Details

Luke’s Pint-Sized Challenge are missions in which users can receive various exciting rewards by clearing certain tasks.
Tackle the challenges with Luke and try to increase the Skill Level of your cards. But most importantly, claim all of the rewards, including UR Cards!

Part 1 Event Period: 13 October — 2 November 2023 (PDT)

Part 2 Event Period: 23 October — 2 November 2023 (PDT)

6. Charge Mission — Details

Charge Missions are your chance to win big by purchasing Devil Points.
In this event’s Charge Mission, there will be two exclusive Halloween-themed Memory Cards.
Don’t miss this amazing chance to get a little extra on the side with Devil Point purchases.

Event Period: 12 October — 2 November 2023 (PDT)

7. Happy Devil Day .5 2023 Sale Part 1 & 2 — Details

To say thank you for the last six months, the final event will be special limited sales.
In these Happy Devil Day .5 2023 sales, users will be able to get their hands on Devil Points at special prices!
Combine the sales with the Charge Mission for extra rewards!

Part 1 Event Period: 12 October — 23 November 2023 (PDT)

Part 2 Event Period: 23 October — 2 November 2023 (PDT)

Game Overview


Make your own love story with the rich variety of unique characters

You wake up to find a world you once knew...a little different.
You are in the magical world of the Devildom right after the Great Celestial War.
With the help of an old companion, you masquerade as a demon and become the brand-new attendant to seven demon brothers.
To return to the world you came from, you must form pacts with the seven devilishly good-looking young men and complete your lessons at school.
But it won't be an easy task as they each have their own unique...traits.
Introducing Obey Me! Nightbringer! An otome game for the ages!,
My love for you transcends time.

Game Features

Choose the path, change the world!

Your choices have a direct impact on how the story plays out!
In addition to chatting and making phone calls, enjoy participating in online meetings!

Follow characters on social media!

YGo even further and post comments on your favorite videos of the ikemen demons!
Share your love via a comment or add an effect to cheer them on!

Rhythm game quests!

As you make your way through the episodic stories in the Devildom, you will encounter rhythm game quests!
Polish your skills and use items and cards found in the Devildom to master the rhythm game!
And what's more, all the songs you hear are sung by the ikemen demons themselves.


:Obey Me! NB Ikemen Otome Game
:Free to play (Items are purchasable in-game)
 *Option to change in-game language
:Mobile (iOS 12 or later, Android 6 or later)
*The app may not run properly on certain devices, including older devices
Google Play / App Store:

Official Website and Social Media Accounts

Official Obey Me! Nightbringer Website
Official Obey Me! Nightbringer X page
Official Obey Me! YouTube channel

About NTT Solmare Co., Ltd.

NTT Solmare aims to enrich people’s lives by providing entertainment services such as “Comic C’Moa,” one of the nation’s biggest e-book services, as well as games including the “Shall we date?” series.



  • NTT Solmare Corporation
  • Game Division: Hiromitsu Fujii, Akiko Murakami
  • Phone: +81-6-6228-8861

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