Company Ethics

Promoting company ethics as a member of NTT West Group

At NTT Solmare, as a member of NTT West Group, we have been actively developing a company ethic committee, advisory helplines, trainings for all employees, and consciousness surveys to move toward further establishing the company ethics, in order to provide safe, trustworthy, and reliable service.

Company Ethics Charter

For establishment of the company ethics and as a guideline of concrete actions for all employees in NTT West Group, including board members, full-time and part-time employees, the Company Ethics Charter has been created. In order for the corporate ethics to permeate the company, all employees carry the charter card at all times.

NTT Group Corporate Ethics Charter

  1. 1.Recognizing the establishment of corporate ethics as one of its most important missions, top management shall exert its leadership to ensure that the spirit of this Charter is adopted throughout the Company, and shall assume full responsibility for solving any problems when any even inconsistent with that spirit occurs.
  2. 2.Every person with subordinate employees shall not only act in a self-disciplined manner, but shall also always provide guidance and assistance to his/her subordinate staff to ensure that their conduct is in conformity with our corporate ethics.
  3. 3.Every officer and employee of the NTT Group shall not only comply with all laws and regulations, social standards, and internal company rules whether in Japan or overseas, but officers and employees shall also hold the highest ethical philosophy within himself/herself both in public and in any private situations. Among other things, each officer and employee, as an officer or employee of a member of a Global Information Sharing Corporate Group, shall keep himself/herself fully aware that any disclosure of customer or other internal privileged information constitutes a materially wrongful act. Also, as a member of a group of companies which holds great social responsibilities, he/she shall strictly refrain from giving or receiving customers, business partners, or other interested parties excessive gratuities.
  4. 4.Each NTT Group company, at the first opportunity, shall take initiatives to provide training programs in order to help its officers and employees enhance their awareness of our corporate ethics.
  5. 5.Every officer and employee of the NTT Group shall direct his/her efforts to prevent wrongful or scandalous acts which may potentially occur as specialization and advancement of our business proceeds. Each NTT Group company shall improve its system to prevent such acts, including, for instance, the re-assignment of contract representatives who have remained with the same customers for a long period of time, and the improvement of monitoring tools to protect customer and other information.
  6. 6.Any officer or employee who may come to know of the occurrence of any wrongful act or any scandal shall promptly report the wrongful act or scandal to his/her superior or other appropriate persons. If he/she is not able to make such a reporting, he/she may contact the “Corporate Ethics Help Line (Consulting Center).” It should be noted that every officer and employee who reports the occurrence of any wrongful act or scandal shall be protected so that the reporting party shall not suffer any negative consequences due to such reporting.
  7. 7.In the event of an occurrence of any wrongful act or scandal, each NTT Group company shall be committed to the settlement of the problem by taking appropriate steps through a speedy and accurate fact finding process, and responding in a timely, suitable, and transparent manner in order to fulfill its social accountability.
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