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The copyright including our trademark, picture, and logo, which are used in this website (hereinafter Site), belongs to NTT Solmare (hereinafter Solmare) or other copyright holders. The rules concerning uses of the copyrighted contents are as followed:

1) Only for private and non-commercial purposes within a safe viewing environment protected from the third party, it is permitted to display, duplicate, and print the contents on this Site. However, it is prohibited to edit the contents, nor to delete any indication of copyright even for private purposes.

2) For use other than mentioned above, it is required to get an official permission from the Site authorizers by applying in writing in advance. Only in the circumstance of approval, it is permitted to re-use, duplicate, and re-distribute the contents on this Site. However, it is not allowed to use the contents in any misleading or confusing ways.


With regard to the use of information contained on this Site, Solmare shall not guarantee the use of such information for any purpose. Any liability arising as a result of using the information from this Site shall be entirely borne by the user, and Solmare shall never guarantee the accuracy of information or be liable for any compensation, except for matters which Solmare are directly responsible for.


If you wish to link your website to this Site, please inform us to, providing us your website URL and your contact details, such as your name and e-mail address.

Media publication of this Site

When publicizing this Site in various media, please contact us to through e-mail two weeks prior to the date of publication.

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For viewing this Site, operating systems of Windows7 or Mac OS X 10.4 or above, and browsers of Internet Explorer 9.0 or the latest versions of Safari and Google Chrome are highly recommended. The functionality of this Site is not guaranteed when viewing with an operating system and/or a browser other than those mentioned above.

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