Company Philosophy

Our Mission

We, NTT Solmare, offer new kinds of surprise and plenty of excitement to our customers,
contributing to an enrichment of our society.

Our Mission

Our Philosophy

  • 変化


    We think changes are inevitable. We will adapt to changes, and take advantage of changes as an opportunity.

  • 創造


    We search the new needs that arise among customers and create a new market.

  • 工夫


    We will continue to find detailed and ingenious solutions.

Our Principle

  1. 1 Action for our customers

    We realize that our customers are the ultimate judge, and we strive to provide the most valuable product from individual customer’s stand point.

  2. 2 Action for business

    We always set high goals, and do all we can as quickly as possible to meet our goals.

  3. 3 Action for our staff

    We trust, respect, and praise our team members.

  4. 4 Action for ourselves

    We react and adapt to changes quickly, and improve ourselves constantly.

  5. 5 Action for society

    We strive to earn social trust by respecting the laws, societal standards, and high morals.

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