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NTT Solmare reveals ebooks application "ZQ Books" for iPhone and iPad outside Japan.

NTT Solmare Corporation (Headquartered in Osaka, President: Hiroki Oohashi, hereinafter NTT Solmare), extended its mobile comics to e-book business owning COMIC- C'moA (*1) -- Japan's No. 1 mobile comic site and flat rate comic site Yomippa(*2), launches an e-book application selling mainly MANGA, ZQ Books for iPhone and iPad overseas provided by Apple Inc.

*We are going to launch this application in compatible with iPhone is scheduled in May 2011.

*1: Official i-mode site by NTT DOCOMO, official EZweb site by KDDI, and official Yahoo! Mobile portal site by SOFTBANK MOBILE.

*2: Official i-mode site by NTT DOCOMO

1. Background & Objectives

With smartphone market in the world expanding rapidly such as iPhone sales continue to grow and many new innovative e-book services were created for Smartphone and tablet devices. Demand for Japanese’s innovative, attractive and high quality contents has no exception.
To further expand the e-book market through smartphone and tablet device, NTT Solmare launches a storefront application called “ZQ Books” outside Japan taking advantage of our long time domestic experience and contents source. With a strong vision to expand our e-book contents all over the earth, Named “ZQ Books” should fit the purpose and be catchy at the same time.
How we came up with ZQ (Pronunced:ji que) is simply taken from ‘Chikyu” means the earth in Japanese. We strongly believe that ZQ books will deliver significance of e-book and leading the e-book revolution.
*As a first step, the service starts in United States. We are going to expand distribution to other countries sequentially.

2. Features

ZQ Books application can be downloaded for FREE from iTune store. All included from downloading, browse, buy and read contents within this application.

[The main features of ZQ Books]
・Browse, Buy and Read with this application.
・This e-books application is easy to navigate. I.e NEW ARRIVAL, RECOMMENDED and TOP CONTENTS.
・This application and all contents are translated in English.

[Browsing contents] *view from iPad
[Screen Image]

3. Selling titles

As a start, more than 80 titles including popular titles such as “APPLESEED” and “The Quiet Don 1 -The Third Big Boss Is Born-” are provided. We will expand its lineup in the future.

4. How and Where to get this application

ZQ Books application can be found and downloaded for FREE at iTunes store, except those contents for sale in this application.
You can buy and download contents by using registered Apple ID.

5. Future Vision

ZQ Books will keep evolving. We will increase more titles and add other contents including photo collection, art collection book, and literary work.
Furthermore, NTT Solmare accelerates e-book business targeting on all of smartphones not only for iPhone/iPad but also Android and other smartphone and provide our customers with amazement and inspiration.

<Contact us>

  • NTT Solmare Corporation
  • Business Strategy Department: Mr. Kato, Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Tsuboi, Mr. Uchida
  • Tel:+81-6-6228-8861
  • e-mail:

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