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Press release from June 22, 2011

NTT Solmare launches a dating simulation game “Shall we date?: Heian Love”
for Android handset it’s released in United States and Japan


NTT Solmare Corporation (Headquartered in Osaka, President: Hiroki Oohashi, hereinafter NTT Solmare), extended its mobile comics to e-book business owning COMIC- C'moA (*1) -- Japan's No. 1 mobile comic site, flat rate comic site Yomippa(*2), and a storefront e-book application ZQ Books (*3),launches novel type dating simulation game “Shall we date?: Heian Love” for Android handset targeting 20s and 30s women. This is our first dating simulation game for Android handset.

1.Background and Objectives

In Japan, market of dating simulation game for mobile is growing rapidly and smartphone market such as Android handset is also expanding quicker than ever. To further stimulate the current dating simulation game for Smartphone markets, NTT Solmare is taking another big step as contribution to the expansion of this service in this area.
Moreover, dating simulation game markets in foreign countries are not mature enough yet. We believe that there are still rooms for dating simulation games market and the release of our dating simulation game would create amazement and inspiration to worldwide users with the growth of smartphone market as a trigger.

NTT Solmare utilizes its longtime achievement and know-how gained by existing dating simulation game for local feature phones to develop and extend this English application for smartphone market. In addition, a bonus opening movie with smartphone’s rich expressiveness provides more fun and exciting experience for users.
We here deliver this fantastic dating simulation game to many people by releasing “Shall we date?: Heian Love” United States and Japan.

2.Application Description

Pure, Love, Passion, Choices, and Great Visual Impact designed to deliver the amazing graphics quality based on Heian period. Heroine longs to meet a mystery man who sent her “love poem”, while she can’t help herself by falling for other men that flirt and sweet talk to her.

【Main features are】
・Both Japanese and English version are available within the application.
・The bonus opening movie based on the Japanese Heian period come with the sharpest, highest resolution graphic screen featuring all characters enhances the playing mood.
・Multi-ending story offers 5 kinds of endings depending on options chosen by player
・High resolution graphic images are available as the story unfolds or depending on options
・Messages are delivered from each character as the story goes on

【Screen Images】

3.Sales Price (including Tax)

First purchase(5 basic game characters)

US$3.99 or 450 yen

Additional purchase(3 additional game characters)

US$4.99 or 600 yen

4. Available countries

United States and Japan

5. Launch Date

June 20, 2011

6. How to Play

After searched and purchased “Heian Love” on Android Market owned by Google.Inc., users can download and start it to play.


7. Future Vision

We will continue to launch new and various exciting services for all kinds of smartphone such as iPhone , iPad or Android handset.

*1: Official i-mode site by NTT DOCOMO, official EZweb site by KDDI, and official Yahoo! Mobile portal site by SOFTBANK MOBILE.。

*2: Official i-mode site by NTT DOCOMO

*3: An application for iPhone/iPad sold overseas on iTunes owned by Apple.Inc.

<Contact us>

  • NTT Solmare Corporation
  • Service Innovation Department: Mr.Onishi, Mr. Miyanishi
  • Tel:+81-6-6228-8861
  • e-mail:

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