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Press release from February, 7 2012

~Sharing Your Comments and Reviews on Comic Page~
NTT Solmare Launches “ComicFriends” on Facebook
Now available in the USA and Japan

Sharing Your Comments on Comic Page!NTT Solmare Launches “ComicFriends” on Facebook. Now available in the US and Japan

NTT Solmare Corporation (Headquartered in Osaka, President: Hiroki Oohashi), announced the launch of a Facebook app social reading service “ComicFriends” in the USA and Japan on February 2, 2012. ComicFriends is a new way to enjoy comic where readers are allowed sharing their comments and reviews on the comic page.

1.Service Description

ComicFriends, a new digital comic reading service allows friends to connect to each other. This is the first social reading service on Facebook in the comic industry. The main features is after reading a particular comic page, readers are allowed to write comments and share them with the selected emotion icons on the comic page to enhance interaction and reading enjoyment.


2.Features of 「ComicFriends」

Some of these featured designs include:

 Main feature: Post and share your comments and reviews on the comic page
   (comic you read) directly.

Through integrated customization tools such as emotion icon, readers are allowed to make use these emotion icons to show their friends whenever there is a special scene, dialogues they like and to share.(*1) Of course no one will be able to see your comments if you choose to set “Only me”.

 2nd Feature : Use Virtual Currency 「Comic Power」 to read comics for Free.

Visit ComicFriends every day, introduce to friends, make comments, you will earn「Comic Powers」.

「Comic Power」 enables you to read comic for Free.(*2)

 3rd Feature: Special features to enjoy comics with your friends.

This app offers special features to share your comments on the comic you read with your friends, visit your friend’s bookshelves, and find out what your friends read. Set “Only me” the book if you do not wish to share it with anyone.


(*1) Please note that some comics are not available for comments.

(*2) Please note that some comics are not available to read by Comic Power


This app is only available in Japan and in the USA

4.Operation & Recommended Environment

【Supported Device】

Windows 7 / Mac OS X 10.6 PC

【Available Web Browser】

Internet Explorer 9 and above / Firefox 7 and above / Google Chrome 14 and above / Safari 5 and above

5. Catalogue

More than 300 titles in Japanese including Popular Japanese comic「Salaryman Kintaro」 and over 60 titles in English titles for ComicFriends USA version. More titles will be added gradually.

6. Payment Method

Use Facebook Credits(*3) to purchase Comics from ComicFriends.

(*3) Facebook Credits is a Payment method available within the Facebook. It is powered by Facebook,Inc. Comic’s purchases require a valid credit card or Paypal with a billing address in country.

7. How to access

Please click the following link.

*To access, you need to have a facebook account.

8. Future Development

To entice users to discover more fun through reading comic, more titles with variety of genres will be added to ComicFriends gradually. NTT Solmare hopes to contribute to the growth of the eBook market and continue to create innovative services that delivers excitement and surprises to the end users.

9. Other Relevant URL

<Contact us>

  • NTT Solmare Corporation
  • Smartphone Business Unit :Mr Kato, Ms Ozaki
  • Tel:+81-6-6228-8861
  • e-mail:

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