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Press release from July, 25, 2013

New “Ninja” dating sims game finally out
for 300k otomes around the world!!
“Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja” is released in 32 countries.

NTT Solmare Corporation (Headquartered in Osaka, President: Akira Tomana, hereinafter NTT Solmare), extended its mobile comics to e-book business owning COMIC- C'moA (*1) - Japan's No. 1 mobile comic site, launches a new novel type dating simulation game “Shall We Date?: Destiny Ninja”, on Appstore in 32 countries and for Google Play (only for United States).

New “Ninja” dating sims game finally out for 300k otomes around the world!!“Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja” is released in 32 countries.

“Shall We Date?:Destiny Ninja is the 2nd English Ninja dating sims game created after “Shall we date?: Ninja Love for GREE” launched same time one year ago. The game available on the Appstore and Google play was highly praised and these ninjas have successfully captured the heart of 300k otomes around the world.

The story begins in the Genpei Era, male characters, partner’s avatar, minigame are the main features of this social-based dating sims game. The Japanese version received high reviews from Japanese players since we launched in Japan one year ago.

About “Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja”

Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja is a dating sims game set in the famous Genpei Era. One day, you’re losing your memory and met these ninjas in the middle of war. You travel with them in search of “Three Sacred Treasures” which symbolizes three kinds of power. You eventually are falling in love with your destiny ninja.

Main features
  i.Handsome ninjas that captivating otome’s heart
  ii.Players decide their love endings.
  iii.Beautiful still graphics
  iv. Cute avatar decoration

Players will be able to enjoy this dating sims game with a newly added feature like Minigame.

Story Images


This Application is FREE.

*Please note that players need to pay to get an in-game item to proceed.

Launch date :

July 23, 2013

How to get?

For iOS

Appstore>Destiny Ninja


For Android

Google play>Destiny Ninja


Future Vision

NTT Solmare will continue to launch new and exciting novel type dating simulation games for a better gaming experience.

<Contact us>

  • NTT Solmare Corporation
  • Game Department: Mr. Fujikata, Mr. Endo
  • Tel:+81-6-6228-8861
  • e-mail:

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