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Press Release from September 29, 2016

NTT Solmare releases a NEW title from the “Shall we date?” series!
“Shall we date? : Princess Arthur” (paid version) ,
the fifth collaboration with Otomate.

NTT Solmare Corporation (Hereafter referred to as “NTT Solmare”) is thrilled to announce that the dating sim game, Princess Arthur, will be released worldwide for both iOS and Android devices today, September 1, 2016. Princess Arthur is proudly presented as the latest offering from the fan-favorite series of romance games, Shall we date?.

Game apps created by NTT Solmare have been enjoyed in over 160 countries. “Shall we date?” has gained support from all over the world, having average review score of 4.4/5.0 in iTunes App Store as of August 2016. The number of players has accumulated more than twenty million worldwide and counting.
Originally released by Idea Factory under the brand Otomate as a Japan-only, PlayStation®Portable exclusive, Princess Arthur depicts a romance between the heroine who has been made King by drawing the Holy Sword and the Knights of the Round Table. These love stories are now globally accessible to iOS/Android users for $4.99 per character at the NTT Solmare App Store found here:

◆Game Summary:

1) Story Introduction

One king left this world. In this realm, where kings have traditionally been chosen by the Holy Sword, it came time to hold a new Choosing. Out of the many people who sought to draw the Sword, only one succeeded. The heroine, a peasant girl, neither knight nor royalty.
The heroine remains confused about everything, but the legendary wizard Merlin persuades her to take up the crown. She sets out to battle for the first time in her life. Tears are in her eyes, she grips the Sword tightly in hand, still not knowing why it chose her. She learns what true love is. Even though the threads of fate twist around her, she holds love dear in her heart for one man. She takes up the Sword to cut a path for her beloved’s destiny.

2) Characters
*Lancelot ― Strongest of All and Gentle

“With this, I can continue to claim victory. In your name. Forever.”

*Gawain ― Passionate and Earnest

“I’ll have to beat everything, if I want to keep anyone from laying a finger on you.”

*Tristan ― Experienced and Mature

“You hardly know the first thing about me, just as I barely know you.”

*Galahad ― Genius yet Tsundere

“What’s so fun about getting to know people and understanding them?”

*Mordred ― Mysterious and Yandere

“Rest assured, I won’t expect you to wake up tomorrow loving me.”

*Merlin ― Playful yet legendary wizard

“If you won’t run, I’ll just pin you down on the floor right here and now, you know.”


Each character’s story highlights and Prologue: Free
Main story: $4.99 (USD) per character
* Above price is available in the US iTunes App Store and Google Play Store or equivalent amount in other currencies.
* Special sets including story sets that entail multiple stories will be released.

◆Release Date

September 29, 2016(PDT)



◆Supported OS versions:

*Android: 4.0 or later
*iOS: 7.0 or later

◆How to access

Access the URL below from a smartphone or other mobile device.
* This is NOT available for customers residing in Japan.

◆Social networking sites

Shall we date? Official:

◆About NTT Solmare Corporation:

NTT Solmare Corporation will continue providing our customers with a great satisfaction in creating advanced services from the customers’ perspective, holding the corporate mission: “We, NTT Solmare, offer new kinds of surprise and plenty of excitement to our customers, contributing to enrichment of our society.”

(URL: )

◆Main Services of NTT Solmare:

* Digital Book (e-Book) Enterprise
-Operate the Japanese leading online e-book service, COMIC-C’moA

-Offer an “all-you-can-read”e-book providing service, C’moA BOOK SPOT for business owners,and develop the original brand ‘Solmare Editorial Department’ that leads digital publication

* Game Enterprise

-Offer and operate a series of “Shall we date?” dating simulation games that bring the most romantic love experiences to customers all over the world

The official website (English):

Press Contact:

  • ・NTT Solmare Corporation
  • ・Game Department: Kenji Tanaka, Mariko Kanamoto
  • ・Phone: +81-6-6228-8861

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