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Press Release Date: December 20, 2016

#1 Dating Simulation Game Company
NTT Solmare Has Released Moe! Ninja Girls,
A Long-Awaited Title for Men!
-In App Stores Starting December 19, 2016-

NTT Solmare Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; President: Akira Tomana, hereafter referred to as “NTT Solmare”) has released a social-based dating sim game “Moe! Ninja Girls” for iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Facebook.

Games which NTT Solmare has released under the “Shall we date?” brand, aiming to offer the most romantic experience to women all over the world, have gained over 23 million downloads in 166 countries. Shall we date? brand games have received praise from their fans, having an average review score of 4.4/5.0 in iTunes App Store as of December 2016.

We now announce the release of Moe! Ninja Girls, a game in which the hero, representing the player, is a man -- a setting requested by many players. In this game, the players will enjoy romance with kunoichis, or girl ninjas, in a school in Japan.

◆Story Summary

The player, the hero, is a genius ninja that hides his true identity and transfers to Mizaki School.
After a series of events, he ends up starting a “ninja seeking club” to find ninjas.
Most of the club members are attractive women, but all of them happen to have a secret identity, which the player will discover along with falling in love with them.

◆Unique and Attractive Characters

Akari Hanao - Blond-haired cutie

“We’re in the same class...and our seats are so’s gotta be fate, right?!”
A classmate of the hero. Always thinks positively, though sometimes too starry-eyed. Active, athletic, and relatively smart, she livens up the party, while also sometimes getting herself and people around her in trouble. She admires ninjas and comes up with an idea to set up a “ninja seeking club”.

Enju Saion-ji - Silken black hair

“Oh well... If you’re having trouble, I suppose I can tell you whatever you need to know.”
A classmate of the hero. She is a member of the student council and is smart as well as agile. Can seem commanding at times, but is actually caring by nature, so takes care of Akari despite being dragged into trouble often by her. Does not show people how she lives her private life. Rumor says she comes from a millionaire family.

Ricka Machiyuki - Icy silver blond

“No problem. Don’t think about who is behind you. Just take your lessons.”
A classmate of the hero, who transferred right after him. Always stays quiet and poker-faced, creating a mysterious mood around her. From time to time she says things that sound unsettling, but her classmates hope that she is only joking. Likes video games. Loves fried noodle hotdogs.


*FREE to play!
*Beautiful artwork, awestriking soundtracks and motion effects
*Multiple endings depending on the choices the player makes
*Hundreds of costumes for the girls’ avatars in Japanese anime style with constant updates
*In-game events frequently held with exclusive prizes


The game is free to play. (In-app purchase available)

◆Release Date

December 19, 2016(PST)



◆Supported OS versions

-Android: 4.4 or later
 -iOS: 8.0 or later
P  C:
-Windows 10:the latest version of Google Chrome
   -Mac OS X: the latest version of Google Chrome

◆How to Play

*This game is NOT available for customers residing in Japan.
Mobile: Go to download link in iTunes App Store and Google Play from
P  C:Sign in to Facebook and proceed from

◆Social Media Outlets

Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:

◆Main Services of NTT Solmare:

NTT Solmare is one of the largest digital contents providers in Japan including Digital Book (e-Book) Enterprise and Game Enterprise. We will continue providing our customers with great satisfaction by creating advanced services developed from the customers’ perspective, while holding on to the corporate mission: “We, NTT Solmare, offer new kinds of surprise and plenty of excitement to our customers, contributing to enrichment of our society.”

The official website, both in English and Japanese:

1) Digital Book (eBook) Enterprise
-We operate the leading Japanese online e-book service, COMIC-C’moA.
The official website in Japanese:

-We offer an “all-you-can-read” e-book providing service, C’moA BOOK SPOT for business owners, and develop an original brand, Solmare Editorial Department, that leads the digital publication field.

2) Game Enterprise

-We offer and operate a series of dating simulation games, the Shall we date? brand games, that strive to bring the most romantic love experiences to customers all over the world.

The official website in English:

3) New Businesses

-Monoqn (developing and running): An app through which users can shop and sell collectors’ merchandise.

The official website in Japanese:

-Lylink (launching and testing): An app in which song lyrics and music videos meet.

The official website in Japanese:


  • ・NTT Solmare Corporation
  • ・Game Department: Hirohisa Kasahara, Takuya Adachi
  • ・Phone: +81-6-6228-8861
  • ・Email:

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