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Press Release Date: Feb. 20, 2018

Collections of High Quality Stories in Various Categories.
“My Shelf” is Finally Out!
Your selection will make a story much more exciting.
Release date: Feb. 20, 2018

NTT Solmare Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; President: Akira Tomana, hereafter referred as “NTT Solmare”) has released an English version of the latest social-based sim game aimed at women “My Shelf” in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

This is the story selection-based adventure game. Users choose a favorite scenario out of numbers of stories and face various situations in the story where they need to make a selection. Stories will unfold differently depending on users’ decisions; “Your selections will make a story even much more exciting.” Even more, stories will be updated weekly; Fresh and new surprises and thrilling experiences of the interactive stories will surely entertain our female users.

1.Game Summary

(1) Various scenario settings

◆Campus Hacker◆

Alice the party-girl, Face the peculiar-girl and you enjoy living in a shared house. There joins a dark-horse football player, Norman in the shared house. Your daily life suddenly gets busier after the encounter with Norman. A football player, Norman, a warm-hearted gamer, Peter, an aspiring actor, Dean. Who will you choose as your lover?

◆Untold Darkness◆

Alex who you met in a cafe is the head of a mysterious club St. Cyr, which is quite famous in the university. Having attended a party with him at night, you witness a woman being attacked by a man with red eyes. What is the truth in the case you investigage? What is the secret of the connection between the mysterious St. Cyr and Alex?


On the same day you meet a detective who has allegedly moved to the town lately, your best friend, Daisy, disappears from the town. You ask for help to the detective, Carl, his assistant, Stanley and your classmate, Troy. Will you guys be able to solve the case and save Daisy? Before long, you are destined to get engulfed in a sad case hidden in the Carl’s past.

◆Hit the Floor!◆

On the day you are fired, you find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you. Having lost a place to live, you in the gutter arrives at a bar where you run into your ex-boyfriend from university, Ken, again. The gears of fate start spinning rapidly by the rencounter with Ken.

(2) Features

■New stories will be added weekly.
■Stories change depending on your selection. You can enjoy them in your own way.
■Stories can be bookmarked as favorite and available for searching whenever you want to read.
■High-quality graphics and compelling sound bring additional excitement to the gaming experience.
■Your avatar's appearance can be created and customized with built-in items such as body parts, skin colors and clothes in the default setting.

2.Release Information

•Title :My Shelf
•Price :The game is free to play. (In-app purchase available)
•Release Date:Feb. 20, 2018 (PST)
•Language :English
•Supported OS Versions:Mobile (Android : 4.1 or later / iOS: 7.0 or later)
•How to play :Mobile:Download>
       * This is NOT available for customers residing in Japan.

3.Social Communication

“My Shelf”official Facebook page
“My Shelf”official twitter page
“My Shelf”official instagram page

4.Main Services of NTT Solmare

NTT Solmare is one of the largest digital contents providers in Japan, aiming to “enrich people’s minds through entertainment.” We provide entertainment services including the nation’s largest digital book (e-Book) service “Comic-C’moA”, dating simulation game series of “Shall we date?” and “Moe! Ninja Girls,” and start-up Apps of a community-powered marketplace “Monoqn!” and a music app “Lylink.”
(The official website in Japanese:

■Digital Book (eBook) Enterprise
   •We operate the leading Japanese online e-book service, COMIC-C’moA.
The official website in Japanese:

   -We offer an “all-you-can-read” e-book providing service, C’moA BOOK SPOT for business owners, and develop an original brand, Solmare Editorial Department, that leads the digital publication field.

■Game Enterprise
   -We offer and operate a series of dating simulation games that strive to bring the most romantic love experiences to customers all over the world.

   -Shall we date?
   The official website in English:

   -Moe! Ninja Girls
   The official website in English:

■New Businesses
 -Monoqn (developing and running): An app through which users can shop and sell collectors’ merchandise.
The official website in Japanese:

 -Lylink (launching and testing): An app in which song lyrics and music videos meet.
The official website in Japanese:


  • ・NTT Solmare Corporation
  • ・Game Department: Hinni Yanagisawa, Tsutomu Kitaoya
  • ・Phone: +81-6-6228-8861
  • ・Email:

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