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Press Release Date: Dec. 20, 2018

A Collection of stories that will make your heart melt.
“Story Jar” is Available Now!
Your choices determine the outcome of the story.
Release date: Dec. 20, 2018

NTT Solmare Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; President: Akira Tomana, hereafter referred to as “NTT Solmare”) has released an English version of their latest social-based sim game aimed at romance lovers named, “Story Jar,” in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

This is a story-driven, choice-based adventure game. Users pick a favorite scenario out of numerous stories and face various in-game situations where they need to make a decision. The scenario will unfold differently depending on users’ selections! Even more, stories is going to be updated weekly. New surprises and thrilling experiences in these interactive stories will surely entertain users who enjoy dating sims.

1.Game Summary

(1) Various scenario settings


Our king would like you to become the next queen...!
Summoned by three unfamiliar men, you are brought to a kingdom named Niflheim.
While getting to know the funny and adorable members of Niflheim, you come to meet the love of your life.
Who will be your eternal lover?

◆Pretty Awesome◆

Due to certain circumstances, you decide to take part in the Queen of F-Contest.
Behind this dazzling world, you’ll discover a web of lies and deceit.
Everyone has a secret no matter who they are...
Are you ready to be the one to sit on the Queen’s throne and steal the spotlight?!

◆Lost Island◆

You've come to this beautiful island to perform a secret experiment assigned by the government.
XH, a new source of energy thought to be the discovery of the century, is the cause of dispute between the islanders and the government. Thus, your heart is heavy with worry, but a destined meeting with a handsome man begins to turn the wheel of fate.
Enter a story filled with terror and sorrow where opposite motives collide!

◆Become Elite◆

Your rich uncle has suddenly passed away! You're going to inherit a share of his will, including the famous Water Lily estate. Together with three obnoxious butlers, you will spend the next three weeks training to come out into society at a formal debut.

◆Mononoke Kiss◆

A long, long time ago, you, as a princess, were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You spend most of your days just simply enjoying a fortunate life. That is, until your castle is suddenly attacked by Mononoke.
You discover that they’re after...You?! But, why?!
No worries, though! A band of handsome Mononoke will be at your side to protect you.
So, defeat your enemies and win back your peaceful life!
Who will you pick to join you on this epic journey?!
A forbidden love between human and Mononoke is about to begin!

(2) Features

■Lovely login bonuses and numerous quests to keep you entertained for a long time!
■Visually stimulating interface designed to appeal to dating sim lovers.
■High-quality graphics and compelling music that bring additional excitement to the gaming experience.
■New and thrilling content added regularly.
■Multiple genres to choose from, making it easy to find something you love.
■Stories that you’ll want to replay again to experience all possible outcomes.

2.Release Information

•Title :Story Jar
•Price :The game is free to play. (In-app purchases available)
•Release Date:Dec. 20, 2018 (PST)
•Language :English
•Supported OS Versions:Mobile (Android : 4.4 or later / iOS: 9.0 or later)
•How to play :Mobile:Download>
       * This is NOT available for customers residing in Japan.

3.Social Communication

  “Story Jar”official Instagram page

4.Main Services of NTT Solmare

NTT Solmare is one of the largest digital content providers in Japan, aiming to “enrich people’s minds through entertainment.” We provide entertainment services including the nation’s largest digital book (e-Book) service “Comic-C’moA”, dating simulation game series of “Shall we date?”, “My Shelf” and “Moe! Ninja Girls,” and a music app “Lylink.”
(The official website in Japanese:

■Digital Book (eBook) Enterprise
   •We operate the leading Japanese online e-book service, COMIC-C’moA.
The official website in Japanese:

   -We offer an “all-you-can-read” e-book providing service, C’moA BOOK SPOT for business owners, and developed an original brand, Solmare Editorial Department, that leads the digital publication field.

   -We Love Comic, “Comic lovers, assemble!
Official Site:

■Game Enterprise
   -We offer and operate a series of dating simulation games that strive to bring the most romantic love experiences to customers all over the world.

   -Shall we date?
   The official website in English:

   -Moe! Ninja Girls
   The official website in English:

■New Businesses
   -Lylink: An app in which song lyrics and music videos meet.
   The official website in Japanese:


  • ・NTT Solmare Corporation
  • ・Game Department: Hinni Yanagisawa, Tsutomu Kitaoya
  • ・Phone: +81-6-6228-8861
  • ・Email:

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