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Press Release Date: July 27, 2021

Obey Me!, the Mobile Game With 4.5 Million Downloads Across 186 Countries and region, Is Now Available on the QooApp Game Store!

“Obey Me!” a dating simulation game for mobile platforms by NTT Solmare Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; President: Toshiaki Asahi, hereafter referred to as “NTT Solmare,”) is now available on QooApp Limited’s QooApp Game Store, as of July 27, 2021.

Obey Me!, a dating simulation game, has been distributed via Apple’s App Store, Google’s Google Play Store, and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd’s Samsung Galaxy Store. The game has amassed a total of 4 million users (4.63 million as of July 2021), and has obtained the very high ranking of 4.7 out of 5 stars (as of July 2021) on the App Store. Obey Me! also took first place in the blog service Tumblr’s (Tumblr, Inc., US.) “2020’s Top Mobile Games” and “2020’s Top Video Game Characters” categories in their “Year in Review 2020.”

Furthermore, the Obey Me! Official YouTube channel ( has reached over 100,000 subscriptions (254,000 as of July 2021) and has obtained YouTube’s Silver Creator Award which is given to creators who put passion into their videomaking.

Due to the high demand among our users, we begun preparing to also add Obey Me! to the QooApp Game Store — a project which has now been successfully realized. With the addition of Obey Me! to the QooApp Game Store, we hope that the game will be able to reach even more otome fans across the world.

About Obey Me!

In Obey Me!, you get to make seven handsome demon brothers, each with their own personalities, do your bidding as you enjoy different methods of communication with them. Enjoy your school life in the Devildom by interacting with the dangerous yet charming brothers and their classmates through chats and phone calls, and by making them go to work. Read through an exciting story that changes depending on the choices you make! Laughter, excitement, and romance all await in “Obey Me!”


■Enjoy amazing, free content and battles.
■An intuitive UI that functions just like a smartphone.
■High quality graphics to go along with an awesome story.
■Music that brings out the unique atmosphere of the Devildom.
■Spectacular Japanese voice acting that anime fans worldwide will love.


Title:Obey Me!
Price:Free to play (Items are purchasable in-game)
:July 27, 2021
  *Google Play/App Store distribution commenced in December 2019, and the Galaxy Store distribution commenced in April 2021.
Languages:Japanese/English *Option to change in-game language
Compatibility:Mobile (Android 4.4 or later)
   *The app may not run properly on certain devices, including older devices


QooApp Game Store
Galaxy Store
Google Play
App Store

Official Website and Social Media Accounts

Official “Obey Me!” website

Official “Obey Me!” Twitter page:

Official “Obey Me!” Facebook page:

Official “Obey Me!” Instagram page:

Official “Obey Me!” YouTube channel:

Official Shall we date? series YouTube channel:

About NTT Solmare Co., Ltd.

NTT Solmare aims to enrich people’s lives by providing entertainment services such as “Comic C’moA,” one of Japan’s largest e-book services, games, including the “Shall we date?” series and “Moe! Ninja Girls,” as well as “Boikone,” an interactive audio-sharing service.

Official website:

■E-Book Division
“Comic C’moA,” one of Japan’s largest e-book services
Official website:

“C’ Moa BOOKSPOT,” a service for businesses that offers unlimited access to comics
Official website:

The Solmare Editing Division, NTT Solmare’s original digital comic publisher
Official website:

We Love Comic “Atsumare! Manga wo Aisuru Hito yo.”
Official website:

■Game Division
The “Shall we date?” series, a series of love simulation games for women
Official website(English):

“Moe! Ninja Girls,” a love simulation game for men
Official website(English):

Distribution and operation of the mobile game “Obey Me!”
Official website(English):

■New Business Division
“Boikone,” an interactive audio-sharing service
Official website(English):



  • NTT Solmare Corporation
  • Game Division: Mayu Nakashima, Yoshia Endo
  • Phone: +81-6-6228-8861

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