February 7, 2022
NTT Solmare Corporation

MyAnimeList × MangaPlaza Collaboration:
“Which manga do you want to read more of?”
Twitter Campaign Starting 2/7!
Bringing you exciting content straight from Japan.

NTT Solmare Corporation (HQ: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan, “NTT Solmare”) is teaming up with MyAnimeList Co., Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, “MyAnimeList”)! Beginning on Monday, February 7, 2022, users will be able to participate in the #WHICH MANGA DO YOU WANT TO READ MORE OF?” Twitter campaign, a collaboration project between MyAnimeList and NTT Solmare’s MangaPlaza, an upcoming digital manga service set to launch on Tuesday, March 1st in the U.S. The campaign will be held through MyAnimeList’s special website, MALxJAPAN.

◆Campaign Event Page

◆Campaign Details

Users will be able to read 5 popular manga titles for free from the MALxJAPAN campaign event page, as well as the MangaPlaza pre-registration campaign page (, now open ahead of the service’s official launch on Tuesday, March 1st. Also, by following of the official MangaPlaza Twitter account (@mangaplaza_EN, and posting a Tweet from the campaign page including the hashtag #whichmanga, participants will have a chance to be one of 10 lucky winners to receive an Gift Card!

▼Entry Period

From February 7, 2022 to March 1, 2022 at 12:00am (PST).

▼Campaign Terms and Conditions

For the campaign’s terms and conditions, please check the campaign event page.

▼Selected Titles

  • This Man is the Biggest Mistake of My Life by Kokonose Shiki (Solmare Publishing)
  • Let Me See Your World by tsubura kurio (Solmare Publishing)
  • Plus-sized Misadventures in Love! by mamakari (Solmare Publishing)
  • The Bespectacled Prince And the Punk Next Door by Chiaki Rie (Solmare Publishing)
  • Cinderella In Plastic by Yotsuhara Furiko (Solmare Publishing)

◆Obey Me! Special Videos Released Alongside the Campaign!

To celebrate the release of Obey Me! The Comic (MAG Garden), the English manga adaptation of the global hit mobile game, Obey Me!, we will also be uploading videos featuring a live reading of the comic by the game’s voice actors!

◆About NTT Solmare Corp.

At NTT Solmare, our goal is to provide exciting content to our customers that leaves an impression. NTT Solmare offers a variety of entertainment content, managing one of the largest ebook stores in Japan, Comic C’moA, publishing original comics under our company brand Solmare Publishing, producing dating simulation games such as the “Shall we date?” series and “Moe! Ninja Girls,” and running Boikone, a streaming service for voice-acted concerts.

Official Website:

◆About MangaPlaza

MangaPlaza is a digital manga service that is partnering with over 30 comic publishers including Kodansha, Hakusensha, Shinchosha and SB Creative to bring you popular titles from a large selection of genres. From Shonen, Shojo, Seinen and Josei, to Boys' Love and Adult Romance, readers will be able to enjoy a huge selection of titles translated into English. MangaPlaza boasts one of the largest digital comic libraries out there, with over 40,000 chapters available at launch including amazing titles you will only find on MangaPlaza.

By registering on MangaPlaza, users will have access to the first chapter of the majority of the library’s titles for free, and be able to purchase additional chapters at a reasonable price. Users may also purchase a monthly subscription, which grants unlimited access to over 10 thousand chapters. No matter what generation you’re from, or what your niche may be, there’s sure to be something new and surprising for you on MangaPlaza. Furthermore, through providing access to a broad range of officially licensed digital titles, MangaPlaza ultimately aims to contribute to the industry-wide efforts in stopping the circulation of pirated content.

◆About MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList is one of the world’s largest anime and manga communities, with comprehensive databases maintained by its passionate user base. The website allows members to track their viewing progress, rate and discuss titles, write reviews, and discover new works through various community-driven features. With over 18 million monthly active users from more than 200 different countries, MyAnimeList is an essential resource for the international anime and manga fan.

For more about MyAnimeList, please visit



Established due to high demand from companies in the anime and manga industry, MALxJAPAN is a space dedicated to bringing official news on special events, merch and more straight from Japan to fans around the world. MALxJAPAN not only has the latest information on where to buy official merchandise and digital content, but also creates promotional videos, conducts user surveys, supports official fansubs created by the community, and offers other ways to support the creators of your favorite titles!

Run by MyAnimeList, MALxJAPAN assists in the planning of various promotions such as world premieres for anime, communication events with fans, etc. as a bridge to bring exciting Japanese content to overseas fans.


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