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In Addition, MangaPlaza Presents the Hottest Trending Titles (General, Mature, BL) of 2023

OSAKA, Japan (March 1, 2024) – NTT Solmare Corp celebrates the second anniversary of MangaPlaza (, one of the largest digital manga content libraries in the U.S., with a thrilling campaign for their users, featuring many enticing rewards and perks. MangaPlaza features titles from a broad range of major Japanese publishers and — over the course of two years — has seen immense popularity with a large number of users. The platform actively localizes and distributes genres that have a large female fan base, including Mature and BL, and plans to continue to focus efforts to actively distribute content geared toward that audience.

To celebrate this second anniversary, a special massive giveaway from a million point pool will be held. In addition, some MangaPlaza titles will be selected for "You Should Read This Manga 2024" on MyAnimeList and will be featured on a dedicated page on the MangaPlaza website with additional free chapters. Along with the launch of a new, dedicated page for the growing fanbase of BL manga, there will be a 50% discount, and users can earn 30% more point rewards. Since launching the service two years ago, the platform has seen a surge in popularity for Mature and BL titles, among its many other genres. The diverse lineup of original titles has been a key factor in attracting users in the U.S. Finally, “Plus-sized Misadventures in Love!”, which has achieved 90 million reads worldwide, has been greenlit for an anime adaptation. MangaPlaza will continue to focus on distributing original works and provide exciting news for fans of manga and anime, such as releases of new anime adaptations.

Details of Rewards and Perks:

1 Million Point Pool Giveaway – As a special gift, a total of 1 million points will be distributed among users who purchase over 20 items. (3/1-3/31)

50% Point Reward on Bulk Purchases – A 50% point reward will be given to all users who purchase over five items. (3/1-3/7)

MyAnimeList Featured Titles – Dedicated MangaPlaza page on titles selected for “You Should Read This Manga 2024” and bonus free chapters for the featured titles. (2/26-4/1)

Free Chapter Bonus Special – MORE free-to-read chapters for over 100 select titles. (3/1~3/31)

Review Point Giveaway – Earn up to 500 points by writing reviews. A review with a comment will get 10 points, while a star rating will get 1 point. (3/1-3/31)

BL Page Anniversary Sale & Point Rewards* – To improve usability, a new web page dedicated to BL has been launched. In commemoration of the launch, the majority of BL titles will have select chapters available for 50% off and eligible for 30% point rewards (3/8-3/31)
*A 30% point reward applies to all BL titles released on MangaPlaza by Dec. 2023.
A 50% off applies to all BL titles released on MangaPlaza by Jan. 2024.

Obey Me! Collaboration – There will be an Obey Me! special feature page on MangaPlaza, and all “Obey Me!” titles will be 30% off (3/1-3/31)

Follow & Repost Giveaway – 10 users who follow MangaPlaza’s social media (Instagram, X/ Twitter) and repost about this giveaway will be randomly selected to receive 10,000 points (3/1-3/31)

Trending Manga Titles (General, Mature and BL) from 2023

General titles:

Image Title/Genre/Publisher/Author Synopsis
Title: Tonight, Shall We Exchange Husbands?-Full Color
Genre: Romance
Publisher: wwwave comics
Author: Irie Natsu
Copyright: (C) Irie Natsu/ WWWave
"Did you want to exchange husbands?" One husband is all about the bedroom, where the other just wants to sleep. What would happen if these two women began living with the other's husband...?!
Title: Eyeing Shiba from Next Door
Genre: Romance, Drama
Publisher: Futabasha Publishers LTD.
Author: Aoi Moriwaki
Copyright: (C)Aoi Moriwaki
Successful career woman Sono's seemingly perfect life with her boyfriend Taiya on the verge of proposing takes a sudden turn, leading her to a run-down apartment with a mysterious hole in the wall connecting her to her neighbor's life. Heartbroken and in need of an escape, she becomes obsessed with spying on her neighbor, setting the stage for a mature love story between Sono and the mysterious boy next door as their lives slowly intertwine.
Title: Do You Still Take Me for Better or for Worse?
Genre: Drama
Publisher: Futabasha Publishers LTD.
Author: Keiku Hagiwara
Copyright: (C)Keiku Hagiwara 2019
Jun (35) and Takeyori Sumisu (39) have been married for 8 childless years. Recently, Jun, who had become a housewife, discovers it's been 5 years since they last had sex, sparking frustration. "It's not like we don't get along... I just miss the way things used to be when we had first started going out." Motivated for change, she begins job hunting again, leading to new encounters and experiences for both her and Takeyori as spring arrives and her new job begins.
Title: Love and Hell
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Futabasha Publishers LTD.
Author: Daisuke Imai, COMIC ROOM
Copyright: (C)Daisuke Imai / COMIC ROOM 2022
"Did you know? Even I get a turn to make my move." Rino Amano, a 27-year-old temp worker, had a lover named Haruo Higashiyama, a 32-year-old manager at the same company who was married with a two-year-old daughter. Despite knowing their affair was doomed, Rino found herself waiting for Haruo's attention, until he abruptly ended things, leaving her devastated. However, one day, witnessing Haruo with a younger coworker triggers a profound awakening within Rino, breaking her heart but also stirring something new inside her.
Title: Congratulations! You're Expecting!
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Starts Publishing Corporation
Author: Rino Shinjou, Amemichi Sunagawa
Copyright: (C)Rino Shinjou・Amemichi Sunagawa/Starts Publishing Corporation
"I'm...pregnant." Sawa, a graphic designer at an advertising agency, finds out she's pregnant, with her strict supervisor, Director Ishiki, as the only one person who could be a father after a night that followed celebrating a successful project. Despite their one-time encounter, Sawa is unsure whether to tell him about the pregnancy... However, this unexpected situation sets the stage for a blossoming romance born from an unexpected pregnancy!

Mature titles:

Image Title/Genre/Publisher/Author Synopsis
Title: Seal My Lips With a Kiss
Genre: Adult Romance
Publisher: Solmare Publishing
Author: Fudono Fudou
Copyright: (C)Fudono Fudou/Solmare Publishing
"Getting so into it in this situation. What a dirty girl." - I can feel you through my shirt, your skin brushing against all the most sensitive parts of my body, your fingers slipping inside me. You whisper for me to keep quiet so we don't get caught...but I just can't...!
One night, Kaede accidentally locks herself out of her office, but then she runs into Shioya, the guy she's been crushing on, in the hallway outside it. He helps her out and even ends up offering to let her crash at his place for the night! Except that's when Shioya's roommate gets home, and the two of them panic and rush to hide in the closet. Their bodies are pressed so close together then Shioya's lips brush against Kaede's breast, and suddenly things are moving fast!
Title: Show It To Me, Baby!
Genre: Adult Romance
Publisher: Iproduction Co. Ltd.
Author: Keiku Hagiwara
Copyright: (C)Keiku Hagiwara/Iproduction Co. Ltd.
At 35, Asahi Maebashi, a successful manager who is thought gorgeous by everyone, struggles with confidence in the bedroom after her divorce due to her lack of skills. Determined to embrace celibacy, she discovers a new burning desire: to watch a man pleasure himself while looking at her. Enter Kouya Kisarazu, a 29-year-old director with his own insecurities but a willingness to fulfill Asahi's desire. Despite their past traumas, they embark on a mutually beneficial journey to explore their inner desires and help each other overcome their insecurities.
Title: My Young Medalist Lover is a Devoted Beast: Learning to Love Each Other Despite our Size Difference
Genre: Adult Romance, MangaPlaza Originals
Publisher: Solmare Publishing
Copyright: (C)SAWA KURONO/Solmare Publishing
"It's you that I want. Size has nothing to do with it."
He whispers sweet words as his muscular body envelopes her, relentlessly attacking her small breasts that she's always been self-conscious about...
Akari Hananoi is the manager of her company's judo team. One night after a drinking party with the team, she is taking care of one of the athletes, Iwashiro, who got too drunk. In his drunken slumber, he grabs her tight and won't let go, which leads to them spending the night together in each other's arms...! With a massive 40cm height difference, they're two pieces that can't fit together, right?! He'll show her mind and body how to slowly melt and loosen up in this exciting love story!
Title: No Matter How Much I Cum, Satou Won't Let Go! Which Do You Prefer, Fingers or Tongue?
Genre: Adult Romance
Publisher: Mobile Media Research
Copyright: (C)Sawa Kurono/Mobile Media Research
"You're sticky here, I'll clean it up for you with my tongue." He made me cum so much with his fingers, and now he's licking up all my love juices... Oh god, not there! Rika is a shy office worker who's very bad at talking to people. Her colleague, Satou, is always looking after her. One day, a misunderstanding leads to Satou putting the moves on her!? Just when she's thinking she needs to put a stop to it, she realizes that his hand is already in her underwear... The next day, he asks her, "Will you give dating me a try for 3 months?" What's a girl to do...?
Title: I've Reincarnated as the Villainess, but the Stubborn Crown Prince I Was Supposed to Lose Is All Over Me!!
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Publisher: TAKESHOBO CO., LTD.
Author: Machinechine, Nanami Hanabishi
Copyright: (C)Machinechine, Nanami Hanabishi / TAKESHOBO
Isabella has reincarnated into the game world of "Princewell Royal Academy: Steal the Prince's Heart!" as the villainess. Although she attempts to avoid the "bad ending," it is all for naught when her Fiance, Crown Prince Samuel, who's fallen in love with the heroine, breaks off their engagement. As if that weren't enough, she is stripped of her status and convicted of a crime she hasn't committed. Thus, she leaves her estate, hoping to lay low until things blow over, but she is abducted and sold to a high-class brothel on her way to her destination! How will she escape her horrid situation?! Take a read and find out!

BL titles:

Image Title/Genre/Publisher/Author Synopsis
Title: Sating the Wolf
Genre: Boys' Love (BL: M/M)
Publisher: ShuCream
Author: Troy Arukuno
Copyright: (C) Troy Arukuno/ShuCream Inc.
"A rabbit is mounting me...?!"
Busybody rabbit (alpha) x lone tsundere wolf (omega)
Beastmen x Cross-Breed Love x Omegaverse! Noah, a wolf with no family, meets Henri, a rabbit who lives alone with his little brothers. As they bond, Henri begins to see a future with Noah, despite prejudices against carnivores. However, Noah's heat triggers Henri's alpha instincts, complicating their relationship but also bringing them closer together.
"Listen, let's be a real family!"
Title: Delinquent Omega Belongs to the Beast King!
Genre: Boys' Love (BL: M/M)
Publisher: Mobile Media Research
Author: Kumagoroshi
Copyright: (C)Kumagoroshi/Mobile Media Research
"I can't believe I wanna be messed up even more... This can't be my body!!" In an unexpected turn of events, a delinquent named Rintaro is transported to another world. Then, all of a sudden, his body starts burning up inside...!? Rintaro is bewildered when Varuna, a beastman with piercing eyes, appears before him. "I'm going to help your body relax." The hands stroking his burning skin are gentle, but the kiss that entwines their tongues is so tantalizing that there's no way he can resist...!! The Alpha beast king who's in love and the stupid yet straightforward delinquent Omega, the king's adoration doesn't stop! An Omegaverse BL story.about being reborn in a different world.
Title: Hands Off My Sub
Genre: Boys' Love (BL: M/M)
Publisher: HOUBUNSHA
Enter the Dom/Sub Universe! Popular host Haruki has been hiding his "sub" nature with suppressants while working at a host club, but the lack of tending to his needs is leaving him drained. He downloads a Dom/Sub matching app to find a partner for a one-night stand. The dom that appears is handsome and gentle, and when he commands Haruki to "Kneel," his body moves involuntarily and he can't stop himself from getting excited. After their night of "play", Haruki leaves feeling satisfied and recovered. But when he arrives at work the next week, the dom from that night, Suguri, shows up to work alongside him as a new host! The man he thought he would never meet again turns to him and says, "I want you to be my partner"...?!
Title: What's Wrong with Being Innocent?
Genre: Boys' Love (BL: M/M)
Publisher: SHODENSHA Publishing CO., LTD.
Author: Shigure Fuyushima
Copyright: (C)Shigure Fuyushima/SHODENSHA Publishing CO., LTD.
"What's Wrong with Being Innocent?" I want to be sweetly embraced like a cherished treasure for my first time. That's when I thought to call a male escort service and make my dreams come true. What I got was a nightmare instead! Ryota would be the call boy who took my virginity, full throttle and nothing like how I wanted my first time to be. To make matters worse, turns out he's a student at my university. Wanting to try my luck again, I call the same escort service only to be sent Ryota a second time. Somehow he manages to make up for the last time and gives me the "sweet lover's special" I've always wanted...?! Love grows in between the lines of aloofness and passion on this clumsy heart-throbbing pendulum.
Title: My Personal Weatherman
Genre: Boys' Love (BL: M/M)
Publisher: Solmare Publishing
Author: Nikke Taino
Copyright: (C)Nikke Taino/Solmare Publishing
Popular handsome man and weather forecaster Segasaki is actually a tyrant at home. Yoh, an ero-manga artist in a tight spot knows this very well. This is because the two of them are living together. More than that, it's because he cooks and cleans for Segasaki! To no surprise, in exchange for being provided food, he must "obey everything that Segasaki says". What comes from such a contract?

Anime Debut title:

Image Plus-sized Misadventures in Love! Synopsis
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Publisher: Solmare Publishing
Author: mamakari
Copyright: (C) mamakari/Solmare Publishing
This is my punishment - someone as hideous as me falling for someone as good-looking as you..." Yumeko had a mountain of complexes about herself. Then, a terrible accident befalls her. Though somehow saved from the brink of death, Yumeko wakes up a completely different person. "Is! I'm SUPER cute!!" Those around her can't hide their surprise and wonderment at this 180-degree change... But, Yumeko's new hyper-positive attitude starts to change her surroundings, too. Worries and complexes can affect anyone, and Yumeko will chop right through those of her various supporting characters!! In love, work, friendship... And an attempted murder case?! This frenzied romantic comedy will leave you bubbling with energy!

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