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Press Release Date: June 19, 2024

MangaPlaza, one of the largest digital manga stores in the U.S., and the popular mobile Otome game “Obey Me! Nightbringer” will be exhibiting at Anime Expo 2024! Exclusive merchandise will be given away at the venue!

MangaPlaza – a top-class digital manga store in the US run by NTT Solmare Corporation (“NTT Solmare”) – and Obey Me! Nightbringer – the sequel to Obey Me!, the popular otome mobile game with over 8 million downloads – will be exhibiting this year at Los Angeles’ Anime Expo 2024, the largest exhibition of Japanese pop culture in North America, from July 4-7.

Anime Expo 2024 | Los Angeles Anime Convention

Event period: July 4 to July 7, 2024
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center
Booth: NTT Solmare (#4500)

MangaPlaza Booth Details

At the MangaPlaza booth, there will be a play zone with devices for trying out MangaPlaza’s services, AX2024 *limited-edition goods, a space displaying several of the website’s popular titles, and a video introducing who we are as MangaPlaza. In addition, upon entering our booth, you will receive a point-card redeemable on MangaPlaza’s website and be in the running to win Obey Me! *merchandise at our lucky lottery!

*Goods and merchandise will be limited in quantity.

For more information about the booth, as well as related promotions and deals, visit the following page:

MangaPlaza Industry Panel

Ever wonder how your favorite titles get translated? Join us in a presentation and discussion with MangaPlaza’s very own in-house translators. You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of translation and see how Japanese manga goes from the chopping block to your phone screen. There are exclusive prizes for those who stop by our panel, so don’t miss out!

MangaPlaza & Solmare Publishing Industry Panel
Date: July 6 at 5:15 PM
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center Panel Room 404AB

About MangaPlaza

MangaPlaza is one of the US’s largest digital manga providers, partnering with over 100 publishers. The website’s massive library boasts over 120,000 chapters and a large variety of genres. From action-adventure epics to heart-pounding romance, from blockbuster titles to MangaPlaza originals, MangaPlaza has got you covered.

MangaPlaza also offers a Premium membership, which grants users direct access to over 25,000 chapters for $6.99/month and includes additional perks such as 10% point rewards on chapter purchases. Check out MangaPlaza Premium with a free 7-day trial and discover your next favorite today!


Obey Me! Nightbringer Booth Details and Events

At the Obey Me! Nightbringer booth, there will be a message board and photo spots where visitors will be able to take photos with the brothers to share on social media.

Additionally, in collaboration with their partners, Obey Me! has exciting new content in store, including an XR concert, and merchandise available at the event. Make sure to check both of them out as well!

Live Performance by the Seven Demon Brothers Using Extended Reality

This year, in collaboration with NTT QONOQ, Obey Me! is proud to present the first-ever live CG concert using XR technology, featuring the seven demon brothers. The event, titled "Obey Me! 1st Virtual Concert - OVERTURE -," will bring the beloved characters to life on stage where they will perform their chart-topping songs.

For more details, visit the official Anime Expo 2024 website.

Obey Me! 1st Virtual Concert - OVERTURE -

Start time: Friday, July 5, 4:30 PM (local time)
Location: The Novo
*The Obey Me! Boys will not be appearing in person.

Merchandise at the animate Booth

By popular demand, Obey Me! will have its own merchandise corner at the animate booth!

Items will include exclusive Anime Expo and Obey Me! 1st Virtual Concert - OVERTURE - merch.


Booth: animate [#3700]

About Obey Me! Nightbringer

Released April, 2023, Obey Me! Nightbringer is the latest title from the Obey Me! series with over 10 million downloads worldwide. Dive into an enchanting adventure with seven unique and charming demon brothers and their equally as unique cast of friends. Obey Me! Nightbringer offers an even more dramatic storyline and improved smartphone-like features, including 3D chats that allow you to interact with the characters like never before.

Download Link (iOS, Android)
Official Website and Social Media
Obey Me! Nightbringer official website
Obey Me! Nightbringer official X page
Obey Me! official YouTube channel
Obey Me! official links

About NTT Solmare Co., Ltd.

NTT Solmare (Osaka, Japan) is a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation, and a leading provider of quality entertainment services to fans across the globe.
Official Website :



  • NTT Solmare Corporation
  • MangaPlaza (e-Book Division): Shinji Ishigami, Ryota Niwa, Daichi Katsuki
  • Obey Me! Nightbringer (Game Division): Hiromitsu Fujii, Akiko Murakami
  • Telephone: +81-6-6228-8861

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